I want to share with you dear reader, that until cracks started to form in my marriage, I thought that I had the ultimate life; a loving husband, four healthy children and a beautiful home in Sydney Australia. I have also been privileged to live in, and travel to many parts of the world. However, little did I know at the time, my life was to get a lot better as I began to find myself.

When my marriage fell apart in 2017, it really shocked and rocked me to the core. However, it was this traumatic event that led me to rediscovering me. My transformational journey admittedly took three years but ultimately uplifted me to a life filled with purpose and joy, with me holding the reins. I could not have healed myself without my constant companions of writing, painting and kundalini yoga.

It is through my book, blogs, poetry and paintings that I hope that you too can reconnect with your authentic self and unlock your ultimate life. Perhaps you have a creative hobby that is waiting to be revealed?

I plan to share with you many tools to unleash your best life, rising you to your fullest potential. I will of course alert you to the pitfalls that can take you off track. I like to think of life as a Snakes and Ladders board – let’s try to stick to the ladders, elevating us and those around us. We just have to watch out for those snakes! We want to thrive after all, not just survive.

Wishing you a wondrous transformational journey home to your truest, happiest self of infinite potential. The great thing is that everything you need is within you, it’s just untapped. Courage, focus, faith, forgiveness, determination and lashings of self-worth are essential for this ride of a lifetime.

Buckle your seat belt

With love, Elizabeth

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